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Giveaway Policy

Please make sure you understand all the terms below before you enter any giveaways on Marie Dean Hair & Body Care website. Once you enter, you agree to the following terms:

• Giveaways are FREE of charge.

• Unless otherwise stated, all contests are open to residents of the U.S. ages 18 and over.

• Entrants must completely and correctly fill out the information on giveaway forms. Incorrect entries will be disqualified. You must use your legal name – no nicknames. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants that provide erroneous information on the contest entry form: such as listing a nickname only OR listing two different names, on the contest entry form and when claiming prizes.

• The main entry for the giveaway is usually asking the reader to browse our website and comment and share their favorite product, or a simple question like “Tell us why you would like to try this product,” giving every reader a chance to enter without being requested to follow OR you must follow the guidelines according to each giveaway set forth in the Rafflecopter entry requests.

• There is no limit to the amount of giveaways you can enter on Marie Dean Hair & Body Care website but you can only enter each giveaway once. Multiple entries will be deleted, and your original entry will be disqualified.

• Entries will not be accepted after the stated giveaway deadline.

• All winners are chosen based on their entry number using the random number generator at Random.org OR via Rafflecopter.

• Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond. If a contestant fails to respond the next random winner will be chosen and contacted. It is up to entrants to provide a valid email address. We will only contact you once.

– Winners will be announced on our website, Facebook and Twitter page when all information has been confirmed. Your acknowledgment email must include a current mailing address (PO boxes are not accepted) and phone number (for shipping purposes). NOTE: We only ship within the continental US.

– All information will be deleted after the giveaway is over and the winners announced.

• Shipping: Winnings can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks before you receive them. The most economical (aka slowest) means of shipping will be used. Shipping and delivery time of prizes will vary. Marie Dean Hair & Body Care is NOT responsible for undeliverable or unclaimed mail, packages stolen, lost and/or damaged during delivery or after delivery (includes FedEx and USPS) and we do not offer replacement prizes.

• By entering in any giveaway on this site you agree that the contest can be terminated at any time for any reason.

• No prize will ever be transferable to another person – asking is immediate grounds for disqualification.

• All giveaways will have an end date. After the end date no more entries will be accepted into the giveaway.

• All giveaways end at 10:00 PM U.S. Pacific Coastal Time unless otherwise stated. Entrants do not have to sign up for our newsletter to participate; however, doing so will keep you up to date with additional giveaways, promotions and updates.

All Entrants acknowledge and agree to abide, and be bound, by our website’s Terms of Use.

Thank you for participating in our giveaways and good luck!


Los Angeles, CA

I love the leave-in conditioners, especially when I wear my hair naturally curly. The leave-in conditioners make my curls pop! The whipped hair butters have worked wonders on my two-strand twists. Since I started using Marie Dean products, my hair is no longer dry. My hair is thicker and has really flourished.

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I have to say I am a FAN of Marie Dean products, ESPECIALLY the 3-in-1 Illipe Mango Condish! Lots of slip, softens my frizz prone, 3c-4a fine to medium strands and smells fantastic!

The other thing---the OUTSTANDING customer service. Adriene patiently answered my questions and sends great samples. If I could get a gel from her (hint, hint), I'd be golden!

Try her line..you won't be sorry!


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Belleville, NJ

The Velvety Body Butter is the best body moisturizer EVER! It's just delectable - leaves my skin silky-smooth.

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Teaneck, NJ

I just love the hair and body products, I live in New Jersey where it gets very cold and my skin tends to get very dry. Using these products has done miracles to my skin and hair. I don't have to get pedicures as often as it soothes and smoothes my entire body, foot/heels. Using the hair products has also caused some hair growth. I give these products five stars as they are excellent and smell yummy.... Also I find these products are also unisex as my boyfriend uses the products as well.

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Bonaire, GA

I received my goody bag yesterday after seeing and hearing your products on FB. I immediately used the Coconut Vanilla Conditioner, left it in for 15 minutes and my hair felt AMAZING. I followed it up with the Aloe Leave-In and the Avacado and Murumuru Hair Butter and I have never had so many hair compliments since I've gone natural. My curl definition is incredible and those products are the only ones that have EVER kept my hair fully moisturized all day. You have a life long customer in me.

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Holland, PA

Yesterday, I did my hair differently. I had stopped diffusing and started sitting under a hard bonnet dryer because I thought the diffusing was causing frizz. Just for fun, I thought I'd try diffusing, since it had been a year. Yesterday was a cleansing day, I use a natural soap bar. Did my soap bar, rinse out and ACV rinse. Used the Coconut Lime Detangler and my homemade Flax Seed Gel in soaking wet hair. I "plopped" a few minutes while dressing, used a Curls Like Us Curl Cloth to scrunch out more water. Diffused upside down for a few minutes on high (far away from hair so it didn't move around.) I dried it about 80% of the way. When done, it looked like I had gotten another haircut! My curls were tightly formed with great volume and no frizz. If I needed second day hair, I could have it. But I can't wait to do my hair again this way using other products.

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Oakland, CA

I love the Curly Styling Cream. I have long thick, curly hair and my curls were defined, soft to the touch, moisturized and I had absolutely no frizz.

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Your hair & body oils are fantastic!

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Maria Caraballo

I received my order today and I must say I am impressed not only with the products but with the professionalism of the customer service. I was advised of every step of the delivery process. And to my AMAZING surprise when I opened my box I received the Seaweed & Rice Deep Conditioner and Vanilla Body Whip. You have a new loyal customer. I can't wait to try the Apricot Mango Leave-In and Shea Nilotica Butter on my hair. Thank you!

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Memphis, TN

Souffles, Butters, Puddings and Creams...oh my!
I love each and every one of the products I have tried (and I have quite a few)!
All Marie Dean's items are scrumptiously smelling, super thick and creamy, wonderful to every sense of the body, mind and soul.
Hair is frizz free, soft holding curls, smelling wonderful! Body creams are luxurious and lovely on the skin!
My crazy curls and sensitive skin just love them all!

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